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Person pushing another person in a wheelchair in a park, on a path with fence in background

Care Planning

Our Succession Plan is perfect for planning the care needs for you or your loved ones.

You can securely store images, videos, documents, and website links in one central location.

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Care Requirements

Include key details about

personal care,

likes/dislikes, concerns, significant events or activities.

Identity tags

Employment Info

List key employment details to make to easy to share with

your Circle of Support.

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Important Contacts

List your disability support workers, family, friends or anyone else in your Circle of Support.

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Important Medication

List any important medications, including dosage requirements and any allergies. 

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Funding Details

Keep your funding information in one central location to make it easy to manage.

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Wardrobe Functionality

Let support workers know the clothing, accessories and shoes you or your loved one enjoy wearing. 

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