What Ability8 Means to Our Customers

At Ability8, we've designed the app to meet the needs of families caring for loved ones with a disability. We want to make it easier to manage everyday life, including navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our app is based on our own experience of caring for our adult daughter who has severe disabilities.

One of our customers, Tracey, kindly shares her experience of using Ability8 with us. She tells us how Ability8 has helped her to organise the care needs of her teenage daughter. Her daughter has epilepsy, profound intellectual impairments, and is nonverbal.

Life before Ability8

When we first received our child's diagnosis, it felt like we were in a fog. Everything changed irrevocably, and each day blurred into the next. We were busy with doctor and specialist appointments. Paperwork was piling up and we had many referrals to equipment providers.

Before using Ability8, if a provider asked me a question, I'd recall a report or a letter that might have the details. I'd then spend hours sorting through mountains of paperwork to find it and, in most cases, turn up blank.

Experience after using Ability8

With Ability8, after each appointment, I add all the details into the app. This makes it easy to track and find what I need when I need it. For example, specialist exercises from our therapist to help my daughter learn to sit. I can share information with family and other care providers to ensure consistency of care. Sharing ensures everyone understands what will help my daughter best.

The daily challenges of caring for a child with a disability can be exhausting. An app to store all your important information is a serious game changer.

Ability8 allows me to share information about my child with family members, carers, therapists, school and more. I don't have to organise copies of documents for staff, or print off things for appointments. Instead, I enter everything once in the app and decide who can access what information. I no longer worry that paperwork will get lost if we need to change care providers. And it helps keep track of my NDIS funding and spending.

Keeping everything in one central location

When caring for someone with a disability, the paperwork is extensive. Particularly NDIS self-management. Using Ability8 allows my family to keep everything in one central location. So it's easy to retrieve vital information when I need