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Upcoming Features to Look Out For

At Ability8 our vision is to enable anyone with a disability the freedom to self-manage their care plan. Which is why we always updating our app.

We want to ensure it offers a wide range of tools to suit individuals, families and support workers.

We also welcome feedback from our community to keep improving our platform.


Some upcoming features in the works include:

  • InApp payments - this exciting new feature allows you to make payments from within the app. So you can track, manage and pay without using another platform.

  • Enhanced In App features for onboarding - we're offering more support when you first use our app. We're creating easy-to-use guides to take you through all the various tools available. So you can get the most out of the system we've built for you.

  • Built in feedback - so you can leave your feedback within the app, rather than contacting us later.

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